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Mr. Rossen Nikolov

Consultant Finance and Markets Global Practice, World Bank

Mr. Rossen Nikolov

Consultant Finance and Markets Global Practice, World Bank


Rossen Nikolov has a master degree in Information Technologies in Business from the University of National and World Economics of Sofia.

He spent fifteen years of his professional career in one of the biggest banks in Bulgaria – EFG Eurobank, where he was in charge of money market operations, liquidity management, fixed income portfolio, ALM. The last four years of his career with the bank he took the position of Head of Trading and Capital Markets.

He was appointed as a Chairman of the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund and CEO of the institution in 2011, where he reformed the institution, introducing best corporate practices, developing risk management capacities and contingent financial back stops for BDIF, establishing the institution as a respected member of the Bulgarian financial safety net.

Under his management Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund was prepared for the biggest bank failure case in Bulgarian history, developing liquidity providing mechanisms and mechanisms financing the shortfall of resources, pay-out logistics of insured deposits and public awareness campaign containing panic among depositors in the market.

He took active role in negotiating process on Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive and Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive of EU supporting Bulgarian Ministry of Finance at EU level.

Rossen Nikolov was member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Deposit Insurers in Basel from 2011 to 2014, where he was part of the Steering Committee developing the amended Core Principles of Effective Deposit Insurance Systems recognized by BCBS, FSB, IMF and WB as a standard for effective deposit insurance systems worldwide.

He took the prize Trader of the Decade of Bulgarian Financial Market Association by anonymous vote of the members of the association in 2008.

Rossen Nikolov is currently working as a Consultant at Financial Markets Global Practice of the World Bank Group.

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